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Product Description

HangZhou ADVANCE marine gearbox HCT400A HCT400A/1 HC600A HCD600A HCT600A HCT600A/1

HCT400A marine gearbox      
Input speed 1000-2100r/min
  6.09,6.49,6.93   0.331kw/r/min
  7.42   0.309 kw/r/min
  7.95   0.287kw/r/min
  8.4   0.265 kw/r/min
Reduction ratio 9.00,9.47 Trans. capacity 0.243 kw/r/min
Control way Push-and-pull flexible shaft, electrically, pneumatically
Rated thrust 82KN ZheJiang  STONE DIESEL ENGINE
Center distance 375mm
L×W×H 784×992×1130mm
Net weight 1450kg
Flywheel SAE18,16,14
Bell housing SAE0,1

HCT400A/1 marine gearbox      
Input speed 1000-2100r/min
  8.15,8.69,9.27   0.331kw/r/min
  9.94   0.316 kw/r/min
  10.6   0.297kw/r/min
  11.37   0.274 kw/r/min
  12   0.262 kw/r/min
Reduction ratio 14 Trans. capacity 0.204 kw/r/min
Control way Push-and-pull flexible shaft, electrically, pneumatically
Rated thrust 120KN ZheJiang  STONE DIESEL ENGINE
Center distance 465mm
L×W×H 869×1100×1275mm
Net weight 1500kg
Flywheel SAE18,16,14
Bell housing SAE0,1

HC600A marine gearbox      
Input speed 1000-2100r/min
  2.00,2.48,3.00   0.48kw/r/min
  3.58   0.44kw/r/min
Reduction ratio 3.89 Trans. capacity 0.40kw/r/min
Control way Push-and-pull flexible shaft, electrically, pneumatically
Rated thrust 90KN ZheJiang  STONE DIESEL ENGINE
Center distance 320mm
L×W×H 745x1094x1126mm
Net weight 1300kg
Flywheel SAE18,16,14
Bell housing SAE00,0

HCD600A marine gearbox      
Input speed 1000-2100r/min
  4.18,4.43   0.48kw/r/min
  4.7   0.46kw/r/min
  5   0.44kw/r/min
Reduction ratio 5.44,5.71 Trans. capacity 0.4kw/r/min
Control way Push-and-pull flexible shaft, electrically, pneumatically
Rated thrust 90KN ZheJiang  STONE DIESEL ENGINE
Center distance 415mm
L×W×H 745x1094x1271mm
Net weight 1550kg
Flywheel SAE21,18,16,14
Bell housing SAE00,0

HCT600A marine gearbox      
Input speed 1000-2100r/min
  6.06   0.44kw/r/min
  6.49   0.40kw/r/min
  6.97,7.51   0.37kw/r/min
  8.04   0.33kw/r/min
  8.66   0.29kw/r/min
Reduction ratio 9.35 Trans. capacity 0.28kw/r/min
Control way Push-and-pull flexible shaft, electrically, pneumatically
Rated thrust 90KN ZheJiang  STONE DIESEL ENGINE
Center distance 415mm
L×W×H 805x1094x1271mm
Net weight 1650kg
Flywheel SAE18,16,14
Bell housing SAE00,0

HCT600A/1 marine gearbox      
Input speed 1000-2100r/min
  7.043,7.69,8.23   0.441kw/r/min
  8.82   0.412kw/r/min
  9.47   0.400kw/r/min
  10.10  10.80   0.375kw/r/min
  11.65   0.353kw/r/min
  12.57   0.331kw/r/min
  14.44   0.257kw/r/min
Reduction ratio 15.91 Trans. capacity 0.204kw/r/min
Control way Push-and-pull flexible shaft, electrically, pneumatically
Rated thrust 140KN ZheJiang  STONE DIESEL ENGINE
Center distance 500mm
L×W×H 878x1224x1346mm
Net weight 1700kg
Flywheel SAE21,18,16
Bell housing SAE00,0

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Application: Marine
Function: Speed Reduction
Layout: Coaxial
Hardness: Hardened Tooth Surface
Installation: Horizontal Type
Step: Single-Step

planetary gearbox

Impact of Gear Tooth Design and Profile on the Efficiency of Planetary Gearboxes

The design and profile of gear teeth have a significant impact on the efficiency of planetary gearboxes:

  • Tooth Profile: The tooth profile, such as involute, cycloid, or modified profiles, affects the contact pattern and load distribution between gear teeth. An optimized profile minimizes stress concentration and ensures smooth meshing, contributing to higher efficiency.
  • Tooth Shape: The shape of gear teeth influences the amount of sliding and rolling motion during meshing. Gear teeth designed for more rolling and less sliding motion reduce friction and wear, enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Pressure Angle: The pressure angle at which gear teeth engage affects the force distribution and efficiency. Larger pressure angles can lead to higher efficiency due to improved load sharing, but they may require more space.
  • Tooth Thickness and Width: Optimized tooth thickness and width contribute to distributing the load more evenly across the gear face. Proper sizing reduces stress and increases efficiency.
  • Backlash: Backlash, the gap between meshing gear teeth, impacts efficiency by causing vibrations and energy losses. Properly controlled backlash minimizes these effects and improves efficiency.
  • Tooth Surface Finish: Smoother tooth surfaces reduce friction and wear. Proper surface finish, achieved through grinding or honing, enhances efficiency by reducing energy losses due to friction.
  • Material Selection: The choice of gear material influences wear, heat generation, and overall efficiency. Materials with good wear resistance and low friction coefficients contribute to higher efficiency.
  • Profile Modification: Profile modifications, such as tip and root relief, optimize tooth contact and reduce interference. These modifications minimize friction and increase efficiency.

In summary, the design and profile of gear teeth play a crucial role in determining the efficiency of planetary gearboxes. Optimal tooth profiles, shapes, pressure angles, thicknesses, widths, surface finishes, and material selections all contribute to reducing friction, wear, and energy losses, resulting in improved overall efficiency.

planetary gearbox

Signs of Wear or Damage in Planetary Gearboxes and Recommended Service

Planetary gearboxes, like any mechanical component, can exhibit signs of wear or damage over time. Recognizing these signs is crucial for timely maintenance to prevent further issues. Here are some common signs of wear or damage in planetary gearboxes:

1. Unusual Noise: Excessive noise, grinding, or whining sounds during operation can indicate worn or misaligned gear teeth. Unusual noise is often a clear indicator that something is wrong within the gearbox.

2. Increased Vibration: Excessive vibration or shaking during operation can result from misalignment, damaged bearings, or worn gears. Vibration can lead to further damage if not addressed promptly.

3. Gear Tooth Wear: Inspect gear teeth for signs of wear, pitting, or chipping. These issues can result from improper lubrication, overload, or other operational factors. Damaged gear teeth can affect the gearbox’s efficiency and performance.

4. Oil Leakage: Leakage of gearbox oil or lubricant can indicate a faulty seal or gasket. Oil leakage not only leads to reduced lubrication but can also cause environmental contamination and further damage to the gearbox components.

5. Temperature Increase: A significant rise in operating temperature can suggest increased friction due to wear or inadequate lubrication. Monitoring temperature changes can help identify potential issues early.

6. Reduced Efficiency: If you notice a decrease in performance, such as decreased torque output or inconsistent speed, it could indicate internal damage to the gearbox components.

7. Abnormal Gear Ratios: If the output speed or torque does not match the expected gear ratio, it could be due to gear wear, misalignment, or other issues affecting the gear engagement.

8. Frequent Maintenance Intervals: If you find that you need to service the gearbox more frequently than usual, it could be a sign that the gearbox is experiencing excessive wear or damage.

When to Service: If any of the above signs are observed, it’s important to address them promptly. Regular maintenance checks are also recommended to detect potential issues early and prevent more significant problems. Scheduled maintenance should include inspections, lubrication checks, and replacement of worn or damaged components.

It’s advisable to consult the gearbox manufacturer’s guidelines for recommended service intervals and practices. Regular maintenance can extend the lifespan of the planetary gearbox and ensure it continues to operate efficiently and reliably.

planetary gearbox

Examples of High Torque and Compact Design Applications for Planetary Gearboxes

Planetary gearboxes excel in applications where high torque output and a compact design are essential. Here are some scenarios where these characteristics are crucial:

  • Automotive Transmissions: In modern vehicles, planetary gearboxes are used in automatic transmissions to efficiently transmit engine power to the wheels. The compact size of planetary gearboxes allows for integration within the limited space of a vehicle’s transmission housing.
  • Robotics: Planetary gearboxes are utilized in robotic arms and joints, where compactness is essential to maintain the robot’s overall size while providing the necessary torque for precise and controlled movement.
  • Conveyor Systems: Conveyor belts in industries like material handling and manufacturing often require high torque to move heavy loads. The compact design of planetary gearboxes allows them to be integrated into the conveyor system’s framework.
  • Wind Turbines: Wind turbine applications demand high torque to convert low wind speeds into sufficient rotational force for power generation. The compact design of planetary gearboxes helps optimize space within the turbine’s nacelle.
  • Construction Machinery: Heavy equipment used in construction, such as excavators and loaders, rely on planetary gearboxes to provide the necessary torque for digging and lifting operations without adding excessive weight to the machinery.
  • Marine Propulsion: Planetary gearboxes play a crucial role in marine propulsion systems by efficiently transmitting high torque from the engine to the propeller shaft. The compact design is particularly important in the limited space of a ship’s engine room.

These examples highlight the significance of planetary gearboxes in applications where both high torque output and a compact footprint are vital considerations. Their ability to deliver efficient torque conversion within a small space makes them well-suited for a wide range of industries and machinery.

China manufacturer CZPT Marine Gearbox Hct400A  Hct400A/1  Hc600A  Hcd600A  Hct600A  Hct600A/1   manufacturer China manufacturer CZPT Marine Gearbox Hct400A  Hct400A/1  Hc600A  Hcd600A  Hct600A  Hct600A/1   manufacturer
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